BUAC 2015

Hi All,

I wanted to start a new thread for BUAC 2015 and build a list of members planning to serve. We are trying to wrap up planning for this year as soon as possible so we can start some initial discussions for next year’s big 10th anniversary event.

Please comment as to your intention to serve or if not serving if you can volunteer to assist the night of



  1. I plan on serving but must add the caveat that it’s during an outage for my plant. I’m requesting the day off off but they can pull a fast one if sheet happens at work.

    • Already starting with the excuses so you don’t have to go dress shopping i see…. 🙂

  2. I am new to this group. Can you give an overview of BUAC? I’d gladly serve and/or volunteer.

    • Sure, first off you can visit the BUAC website to get most of the info about the event. http://www.brewingupacure.org

      If you are not qualified to serve at BUAC we would certainly welcome the option to volunteer the night of.

      One of the TRUB officers may be able to better define how to be qualified and/or “member in good standing” but basically you have to be a paid member of the club, then a combination of attend 4 meetings during the year and/or host a meeting and also serve at another event.

    • For those qualified to serve at BUAC you do not need to serve from a jockey box, a keg with a picnic tap would suffice. However we also have a 12 tap club serving system we can utilize to serve with for anyone without a way to serve their beer and/or for anyone who may donate kegs for BUAC.

  3. Just an FYI for anyone new to the club or unfamiliar with Brewing up a Cure (BUAC)… In order to be qualified to have your own table and serve beer at the event, you must be a member in good standing (i.e. have paid dues for the year), and also you must have attended at least 4 club meetings in the calendar year since the last Brewing up a Cure event. Also, you are required to have either served or donated beer at a club serving event in the same calendar year. If you do not meet these requirements, we have three more meetings before this years event as well as several upcoming serving events in which you can donate beer to or volunteer to serve at. Additionally, if you’d like to donate beer to the event we will have a club serving station for brewers that don’t meet the requirements for their own table. And lastly, we can always use help at the event, so if you’d like to volunteer your time please let us know. Thanks!

  4. This is my first year as a member. You can count me and my wife (Christina) in to help serve. I’d love to donate/assist with brewing if I can for the club table. We can also help to drum up interest in the event as our twin nephews both have CF. I can tap (see what I did there?) into my network of family, friends and co-workers (I work in big pharma) to boost interest and attendance. I know I am new to the group, but I definitely want to help in any way I can.

  5. Chris, Thanks. Any interest and sales you can get will def be accepted. I am sure it will be brought up at the next couple meetings about eligibility and volunteers needed.

  6. Sorry for the late posting. I don’t qualify to serve si I an planning on donating at least one, hopefully more, kegs to the clubs system and helping out with whatever is needed. One keg will be an north English brown, other may be an IPA.

  7. Does someone have the list of members who are going to be having kegs on the 12 tap club system? The event is coming up and I just wanted to make sure that we can donate. Adam Boura and I have a peach/ginger gose that we would like to serve at the club’s table. Looking forward to helping with the event.

    Thanks again for the flyers/cards at the picnic. I’m distributing them at the shops and places that I frequent.

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