New Club Logo Ideas

Hello all,

Dan at Commonwealth Press was nice enough to do a couple mock ups of some potential new logo designs for the club. I've attached a copy of the 4 designs he has worked up for you guys to take a look at. If you can take a minute to check them out and vote on your favorite (or vote to either keep the current logo, or continue working on a new design), that would be awesome. Here is the link to the poll... VOTE HERE Thanks guys!

BTW, if you are unable to vote on the poll please let me know and I may have to change your status on the site to member.


i paid up once the ink was dry, can i get in on this voting action. i want the one make in #tigerblood that has #winning written all over it.

Timur Snoke

I'm not sure to which logo you are referring, but were you able to vote?

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